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Greg Huglin

filming for fantasea velzyland hawaii 1977

A longtime still and motion photographer, Greg shot the 35mm wild dolphin footage that was seen in the 2010 Academy Award winning Best Documentary,"The Cove". Mr. Huglin has produced and filmed many ocean-themed films, "Fantasea", "Hawaiian Watermen", "Shark Park", "Wavesailing Women", "In Quest Of The Sun", "Shark Alley", and "Surfing Dolphins", are some of his solo productions. His footage has been used in over 200 international TV commercials and films. More...

Latest Projects

Dumb Blonde Adventures

Andrea Huglin

- by Andrea Huglin

When we travel with the family, my wife Andrea writes stories of our adventures. In 2013 and 2014, I shot footage in 11 countries while Andrea homeschooled our two kids, Josh and Jasmin. We visited the Bahamas, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Iceland, the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic. Here's the link to her blog, we hope you find it entertaining.

Dumb Blonde Adventures

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